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Jordan Goodwin from Axe & Anvil

Meet the Maker

Axe & Anvil Hand Works crafts reproduction and contemporary ironwork using traditional blacksmithing methods and tools to create works of timeless beauty & reliable function.

Jordan Goodwin can't recall the exact moment he knew he wanted to work with his hands but his formative years growing up on a small farm provided the chance to explore various crafts. Like hand stitching a buckskin shirt or making a crude knife in his grandfathers workshop. Fast forward 20 years, Jordan and his wife Atlanta had begun building a farmstead in middle-western Tennessee.

After acquiring all manner of traditional hand tools including a small forge, he fell in love with blacksmithing.
Jordan has chosen to pursue his craft utilizing a traditional forge to heat the iron and a century old anvil to shape his work with various hammers. Time is also spent at the bench and vise refining his work to achieve a quality fit & finish.

Jordan & Atlanta are building their homestead piece by piece and often forgoing modern conveniences but they believe being good stewards of the time, resources and relationships they have been given, will help make a positive impact on their generation and leave a legacy that can change peoples perception of work & craftsmanship.


Jordan Goodwin @ Axe & Anvil

To learn more about Jordan's work with Axe & Anvil, give them a follow at @AXE_AND_ANVIL

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