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Ben Sharrett from Bristol Leather Company

Meet the Maker

Early on I worked at a men's clothing shop in downtown Bristol that sold some of the finest men's dress shoes and that experience sparked an interest in leather that grew into a passion.

Leather is such a great material because every hide is one-of-a-kind. Each item assumes the unique characteristics of that skin and forms its own patina over a lifetime of use.
One of my great joys comes from engaging with customers at festivals and events where we showcase our work. We love to support American business so we buy raw materials from local suppliers whenever possible.

We believe the quality of our handmade product is unmatched and we are proud to craft our goods in Bristol, Tennessee.


Ben Sharrett at the bench

To see more of Ben's work, follow him at @BRISTOLLEATHERCOMPANY.

LC King Olive & Indigo Wallet
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