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LC King

Fisher Stripe Shelby Utility Vest

$ 130.00



Previous generations understood the benefits of versatility! Our Fisher Stripe Shelby Utility Vest is ready to take on the tasks of modern mobility as the design has stood the test of time.


Crafted from lightweight 100% cotton Fisher Stripe denim with 4 unique pockets waiting to meet the needs of your daily routine - from pocket watches to phones to key fobs to money clips. Featuring brass buttons down the front and on the top chest pocket. 


This vest is sold in its RAW form and is unwashed, unprocessed, and unaffected. Raw garments may shrink when washed and care should be taken when choosing your size in waist and length. The exact amount of shrinkage will depend on the specific fabric and exactly how you wash and dry. Please see our GARMENT CARE pages for details.

Fisher Stripe Shelby Utility Vest

$ 130.00