Please direct any press or media requests to our marketing department by using our CONTACT FORM. Clearly state your organization, needs, and production timeline and we will do our best to accommodate you in every way possible. 

We are happy to provide stock video / photo / text to augment any news release or storyline you are producing. Phone interviews can be scheduled with as little as 2 days notice. Location visits can be scheduled with as little as 3 days notice. 

Please note that all press and media visitors to the factory must be pre-approved and submit general script/storyline for approval to LC King Mfg Director of Marketing no less than 48 hours prior to visit. Failure to do so will incur immediate revocation of any prearranged access or accomodations.

Photography and videography within the factory may be allowed depending on the circumstance. Individual or agency must provide proof of their own equipment and liability insurance before being allowed access to the property. Model releases will be supplied for all primary and secondary subjects as well as property release for each designated LC King Mfg property incurred.

We reserve the right to refuse access or capture rights to any person or agency as each situation dictates. Please open a line of communication with us as early as possible so that we can partner on the specific project you are wishing to produce.