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LC King

Corduroy Rover Shirt - Barn Red

$ 125.00

Hundreds of years ago resourceful farmers sealed their barns with a mixture of linseed oil, milk, lime & ferrous oxide; commodities readily available. The coating protected the wood and kept barns warmer in the winter & ferrous oxide produced the red color that symbolizes a life well worn. We aim to keep you warmer this winter with our 21 wale corduroy offered in barn red, traditions based on ingenuity inspire us. 

  • 100% Cotton 21 Wale Corduroy
  • Super soft touch finishing
  • Barn red top stitching
  • Horizon front yoke
  • Double flap pockets
  • Indigo selvage pocket loop
  • Cloak room loop
  • Double stitched button holes
  • Pre-shrunk to fit
  • Wash cold & tumble dry low
  • Imported

Corduroy Rover Shirt - Barn Red

$ 125.00