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The Indigo Denim Chore Coat with Standard Collar is made of lightweight 100% cotton and is machine washable. This coat has 4 top-loading patch pockets, one of which snaps. It polished...

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The Indigo Denim Chore Coat with Standard Collar is made of lightweight 100% cotton and is machine washable. This coat has 4 top-loading patch pockets, one of which snaps. It polished nickel buttons down the front, on the pocket, and on the cuffs.

This RAW denim coat is built entirely with denim dyed and woven by Cone Denim Mills at their White Oak facility in Greensboro, NC. A secondary product tag noting this can be found at the bottom front of the button column.

Our Unlined Chore Coats were originally designed as a traditional Workman's OverCoat, but in recent years it has transcended its roots and is now just as likely found in contemporary streetwear and stylewear. It represents a perfect base for layering complex textures or tones but just as easily becomes a well-fitted day-coat over a simple T-Shirt. Because of the strong base styling and ease of personalization options during wear, this coat is perfect for men or women.

This Coat is sold in its RAW form and is unwashed, unprocessed, and unaffected. Raw garments may shrink when washed and care should be taken when choosing your size in waist and length. The exact amount of shrink will depend on the specific fabric and exactly how you wash and dry. Please see our SIZING INFO and our GARMENT CARE pages for details and "best fit" information.

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